I’ve been having car issues lately.  What’s up with that?  This is the question I asked myself after 2 weeks of things going wrong with my car.  First, I noticed I had a low tire, then my battery died, and then a rock came out of nowhere and hit my windshield with enough force to send cracks in several directions.  While inspecting the damage to my windshield, I noticed my wiper blades were both shredded too.  I was asking myself what kind of negative energy was I putting out that was affecting my beautiful car?  As I was writing in my gratitude journal this morning,  I realized that there were a lot good things that came about because of these problems.  I refocused my attention on these things.

When my battery died I was at work in a garage and not in some parking lot baking in the heat of a summer day (that was nice).  I called the tow service and they were able to replace my battery on the spot.  The tow driver told me they just came down on their battery prices by $20.  He did all the testing, gave me the warranty and I was on my way in less than an hour.  Then I addressed the low tire issue.  I went to Costco and they not only fixed my slow leak but rotated my tires all for free!  It took less than an hour of my time and I got in some valuable knitting-time as well.  The next thing on my list was to replace my windshield wipers.  I went to the auto parts store and the nice man behind the counter helped me find the blades I needed and even put them on my car for me.  Wow, that was certainly easy and wasn’t it nice I found out about the damaged windshield wipers before the rains began?   When the rock hit my windshield I was feeling pretty crummy.  I justified that at least it didn’t hit my car and ding my paint.   I made an appointment to have my windshield replaced by a company that would come to me so I didn’t have to wait at a shop. Mike from Dr. Autoglass was right on time and he was finished in a little over an hour.  I paid a little extra to get an upgraded glass plus new molding and I have to say, it looks great and I am more than happy with the results.  My car is 6 years old and looks brand new.  I felt so good to be taken care of with such ease and flow by all these friendly and professional people.  So now the question isn’t what went wrong anymore, it’s what went right?!!  All is well…..more to come.


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This Memorial Day weekend was spent with our good friends Ken and Diana at their rustic cabin on Ebbets Pass.  It was just Ken, Diana, my Twin Sister Jenny, and myself this time.  I have never been to the cabin this early in the Season since all the other times were on Labor Day Weekend.  I was looking forward to seeing what Spring looked like at that high elevation.

Jenny and I planned on getting up there before lunch on Saturday.  The weather was a little dicey for the Sierra’s but Sunday and Monday were supposed to be lovely.  We were doing fine until we got to about

Iron Mountain on the Mormon Immigrant Trail where it started to snow.  It was coming down rather hard but not sticking to the road so we got into the spirit of the interesting weather by putting on the Glee version of ‘We Need a Little Christmas’ on the IPod.  Jenny and I have had numerous road trips over the years and music always plays an important part in the total experience of our adventures.  We drove past Silver Lake on Hwy. 89 and were heading up to Carson Spur when we saw flashing lights ahead.  It looked like someone had gone off the road.  We were stopped on an incline and the road was getting icy.  The car in front of us slid a little and Jenny started getting nervous especially since the CalTrans radio station said that Carson Pass was closed until 2:30 a.m.  We decided to turn around and see about finding another way.  We drove a little ways past Silver Lake when we saw a snow plow parked on the side of the road.  We rolled down our window and talked to the nice driver who was trying to eat his lunch in peace.  He told us they had salted the roads earlier and the other plow was on the other side of the pass so all was well.  When we told him we were going up to Ebbets Pass, he stopped eating, looked at the two of us and asked if we had ever been up Ebbets Pass before?  We hadn’t even thought about what was in store for us there.  We thanked him and headed back in the direction we had come from with new hope and smiles on our faces.  Apparently where we had turned around there were several accidents with crunched cars on both sides of the road.  We held our collective breath and drove slowly.   I changed the IPod to  the King Kong soundtrack which greatly enhanced the feeling of impending doom while we crawled over Carson Spur and towards Carson Pass.  Once we got over Carson Pass the snow continued but there was absolutely no snow on the ground…anywhere.  It was like we passed through an invisible portal into another world.  We looked at each other with jaws dropped and quickly changed up the music to something a cherrier and enjoyed the rest of our drive.  When we finally got to the cabin, Ken and Diana had a cozy fire going and hot water on the stove for tea.   Ahhhhhh, home sweet home!

Cozy Cabin in the Woods

Shortly after we arrived the weather started to clear so we decided to hike to the top of the mountain to Ken and Diana’s wedding spot.  It was strange to be walking in snow flurries while we could see blue sky.  We all commented on how magical it felt as we trudged up the mountain to what felt like the top of the world.  Clouds had settled back in and our view was obscured but the air was fresh and scented with pines.  This little hike never disappoints.  We filled our lungs with the fresh cold air of the mountains and with happy hearts we got back to the cabin just in time for happy hour!

The next morning all the clouds were gone and it was absolutely gorgeous out.   Ken is a master-planner of the best hikes I’ve ever gone on.   None of us had been on this hike before.  It was at a lower elevation and we didn’t encounter any snow but the snow-capped mountains were stunning as we walked along Wolf Creek.  It was a pretty low-impact hike but after 9 miles we were all feeling a little weary at the end.

Wolf Creek Trailhead

Once we got back to the cabin and started Happy Hour though we magically perked up and some serious Hula Hoopin’ commenced.  I can only imagine what the people in the cars that passed must have been thinking seeing 3 middle-aged women out there on the rocks waving and laughing as they passed by.   Good times!We were all pretty tired after our day and after a game of cards decided to retire early.  Ken and Diana were sleeping in the Loft while Jenny and I chose to sleep in the WW2 bunk beds in the front room.  I was on the top bunk and had to use the chair to get up there while Jenny was below.  The generator was turned off so Jenny and I were reading with our headlamps in complete darkness.  It wasn’t long before I tossed my book and headlamp down on the table below and fell asleep.  In the middle of the night I woke up needing to take a trip down the path to the outhouse.  It was dark but I knew where I had placed my chair so I could slide off the bed to find my headlamp and put on my shoes for the walk outside.  I put my legs over the side of the bed and could not find my chair.  I knew I couldn’t just launch myself off the top of the bunk safely and quietly so I was tapping the air with my toes in each direction when I finally made contact with the chair.  As I slide down off the bunk I knocked off Jenny’s eyeglasses and book.  Well I found my light, put on my shoes and headed down the path to the outhouse.  On the way back I see a light making its way up the path – it was Jenny.  She was admonishing me for waking her up while trying to get off the bunk.  Here we were outside in the middle of the night having a conversation about her using my chair as her personal nightstand to put her book, light, eyeglasses and socks and we got the giggles.  When she got back in the cabin and back into bed, the bunk bed was shaking as she got the silent chuckles thinking of me searching for my chair in the night with my toe while she was thinking how convenient that chair was for her own personal use.  Nothing has changed since we were kids.  We can laugh at anything.

While having coffee on the deck the next morning, I asked Ken what was over the mountain on the other side of the road?  He said there was another cabin and silver mine.  The old road over Ebbets Pass was there as well and we could see portions of the road from the cabin.  It was about a 3 mile hike one-way so Jenny and Ken drove down the hill and left a vehicle so we didn’t have to hike back.

Ken led us up the side of the mountain as if he had hiked this trail daily.  The views were spectacular.  At the top of the hill we found the road that went to the cabin.  No one was at the cabin so Ken respectfully led us on their property to a foundation of an old cabin that was placed in the most incredible spot for a spectacular view.  I wish we knew the story of this spot and the people who built it. 

After crossing the stream we hiked down the old Ebbets Pass Road taking in the views and asking Ken all sorts of questions that he always had answer for.  We stopped for a little refreshment while sitting on rocks looking over at the cabin side of the canyon.  Another incredible hike.  Thank you Ken!!

When we got back to the cabin we had lunch, packed the cars up and the cabin cleaned.  It was the end of another wonderful time in the High Sierra’s.  I was feeling the fullness of appreciation for getting to be a part of this special weekend.  The only thing that would have made it better is getting to spend another day with my friends in this beautiful place.  As Jenny and I made our way back home we couldn’t stop talking about how much we love Ken and Diana and the ease and flow of our times together.  Yes, it was truly a Memorable Memorial Day Weekend and the feeling of Well-Being is still with me.  All is Well!!!   More to come……….

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This last weekend was a much-needed rest and total relaxation at my Sister’s lovely home with our childhood friends and fellow knitter’s, Chrissy and Cathy.  We spent the weekend knitting, eating, sipping wine and basking in the warmth of Spring and a lifetime of memories together.  I was in total appreciation of this moment of time especially after working so hard these past three weeks.  Not only did I work 6 days a week at my Studio but I also worked at my Corporate Massage Job, started promoting my new home-based business for ViSalus 90-Day Challange , made it to Director in the first 3 weeks and lost 7 lbs. too!  It was exciting, prosperous but, let’s face it, I was pooped!

Spring at my Sister’s property means baby lambs.  She had 6 born in the past few days so we would take a break from knitting every few hours to walk the property to check on them.  There was no hurry, no agenda, no clock watching, and no worries.  I swear the grass was greener, the sky bluer and the air even smelled sweeter.  Yes, I was definitely in a pure state of appreciation for every aspect of this perfect 28 hours of letting go.

I start this week renewed and refreshed and feeling appreciation for all the wonderful details of the life I’ve created.  I love knowing I get to choose what I give my attention to.  I love the people I attract into my life.  I love the health and well-being I enjoy on a daily basis.  Life is good and getting better everyday.  More to come……

In the Zone

It’s been a little over 2 years that I decided to put my focus on well-being and write about my journey through this blog.  I can’t express the delight of all the wonderful manifestations that have come to be during this time.  I’ve written about a lot of them but they are coming so fast now that I haven’t managed to find the time to write them all down.  I have been the recipient of abundance in many unexpected ways.

Since my last blog entry I have been given the opportunity to do Corporate Massage at a company that employees 300 people (which came out of the blue).  This wonderful company provided me with a massage chair and I just happened to have an extra massage table I can keep set up in a room they have provided for me.  I have a receptionist that schedules my appointments and everyone shows up on time and are very grateful for this service.  I only do this one day a week but I am enjoying it more than I thought I would.  In the meantime, my business at SOAP Studio is getting busy as well.

I also had another unexpected opportunity handed to me.  A few weeks back I was minding my own business, having lunch in the parking lot of Taco Bell and knitting when I got a phone call from my friend Janet  (she was in the car next to me).  She got in my car and told me of an exciting new network marketing company she recently got involved with and wanted me to do it with her.  I felt a little resistance at her offer because I just took on the corporate massage but I told her I would check it out.  She was very insistant and gave me a shake to try and videos to watch plus accentuated that it would be so much fun to do this together.  I was thinking to myself….well, I could stand to lose 15 lbs. but I already have a full-time job with my massage business.  As the week went by,  she broke down my resistance and I went to her 90 Day Challange Party with my friend and now we are both Promoters of ViSalus Sciences.  These past three weeks have been super-charged with activity.  I have never worked so hard in my life or have had so much fun.  On Monday I will have achieved the next level in this company, have lost about 5 lbs., and my business is picking up at the Studio as well.  I am in my zone and loving it.

Still taking my English Riding lessons and feeling more comfortable with every lesson (my instructor is on the 90 Day Challenge as well).  Am I loving my life?  Most definitely!!!  More to come……


I’ve taken 3 riding lessons so far at Hillside Training Stables.  It has become apparent that I will be needing lots of lessons in order to fulfill my goal of riding in Ireland with my daughter.  My teacher Kathy has exceeded my expectations though and assures me that everything will kick into place by my 5th lesson (I trust her completely).

Since I have the first lesson spot in the morning, it is my job to get my mount, Joker, out of the stall, groom him and tack-up for my lesson.  This process is a complete lesson in itself.  Joker is a 12 year old Quarter Horse (15.2 hands) and is very patient with me while I go through the process of scraping off dirt, brushing out shedding hair and picking out his hooves.  Then I go to the tack room and retrieve his bridle, saddle, girth and pad and tack up.  I get a little better each time but I’m hoping this whole process will finally kick into a comfortable gear on the 5th lesson too.

English riding is completely different from Western.  Kathy has explained to me that even the bridle is designed for a completely different communication.  So far my lessons have been focused on my body position and leg pressure.  Last week we concentrated on holding the reins and turning.  I have to say, it’s a lot more complicated than I was expecting.  I still have a lot of the western habits to overcome.  Once again, I have been assured the 5th lesson will bring it all home.

Learning something new is always uncomfortable at first.  It takes time for everything to fall into place and make sense.   I feel courageous in this new endeavor and embrace the temporary discomfort with faith that I will be soon riding with ease and skill.  Tally-Ho and away I go!!

Next lesson we trot.  More to come……


Samantha and Sunee

Last month I had my first workshop at SOAP Studio called Write Your Own Story Book.  I was hoping to have 6 people and ended up with 8.  The workshop covered the principles of The Law of Attraction and how the Creative Process works plus putting together a Creation Journal.  I spent weeks putting this workshop together and found myself focusing on what topics to cover and deciding on how much time to give to each subject and so on.  I got so caught up on the details it occured to me that I hadn’t even read my own Creation Journal in a while.   The next day I decided to read it from the very beginning (which was about the time I started this blog about 2 years ago).  I was amazed and surprised to find that a lot of the things I had written down had already been manifested.  It was quite an eye-opener!!

Riding in San Juan Capistrano

One of the newer entries was a desire to take some Horseback riding lessons.  While visiting my daughter last fall in San Juan Capistrano, I spent a lot of time with her at the barn while she took care of her “leased” horse Sunee.  We went for a ride together and I had a blast.  I used to ride a lot when I was younger and after spending time at the barn and around horses, I found that I wanted to get back in the saddle again.  My thought process was that if I took riding lessons then I would get familiar with taking care of a horse again and eventually might even lease a horse for myself.  It felt good writing it down in my Creation Journal.

Last week while driving home from my hair appointment, I saw a sign that said Riding Lessons and a phone number.  I didn’t have time to go back to write down the number so I made a mental note to check it out next time I was there.  When I got back to the office, I quickly checked my emails.  There was a message from my daughter and a link for a contest for an all-expense-paid trip to Ireland to ride horses in the country past castles and such.  I got chills up my spine.  Now we have been talking about doing this very trip for about 2 years.  In fact, it was written in my Creation Journal at the very beginning (I also was wanting to visit some Pubs and Yarn Shops too).  I read the fine print and it said the winners must be able to ride English.   Aha!  I’m not suppose to take Western riding lessons, I’m suppose to take English riding lessons.  Again, goosebumps up my spine.

Today I took the first step and visited a barn where I most likely will be taking my lessons.  The instructor actually got her instructor certification in England and she is all about positive thinking.  Now all I have to do is make the commitment and buy some riding pants and boots.  Should I take the plundge?  I think I already have.

More to come……


What is it about coming to the end of a year that puts us all in a reflective mood?  We automatically look back at the year we are just finishing and find ourselves looking forward to that stroke of midnight on the 31st for that fresh new start.  It’s just a moment in time but somehow it feels completely different; it feels brand new and full of promise.

This week I sat down projecting some goals for next year in one column and what I accomplished this year in the other.  I was amazed how much I had written in the 2011 column.  I left the comfort of the day spa environment that I had been in for the past 15 years; created SOAP Studio;  moved my business twice; created a website and managed it on my own; had 2 events at SOAP Studio since September; and now working on my first workshop in January.   I did this all on my own except for moving the heavy furniture (thanks to my wonderful friends and family).  When I look at the list, it occurs to me how relatively easy it all was.    I didn’t put a lot of pressure on myself knowing that I would certainly be evolving through this whole process.  All that was needed on my part was to simply get started and keep going.   I had a little resistance at first, but mostly it flowed along smoothly.

Today here at SOAP Studio, I’ve put away all the Christmas decorations and have throughly cleaned my space.  I’ve washed windows, dusted, vacuumed and rearranged furniture creating a new perspective in my beautiful space.   When I finish this blog, I will continue working on my first workshop “Write Your Own Story Book” I will be teaching next month.

This was an incredible year of growth for me and this new year promises more of the same.  I want to thank the individuals who made life uncomfortable for me so I could move in the direction I so desperately needed to go.  I could not be here without you and feel blessed for this awareness.

Am I looking forward to this new year?  You bet I am.  It’s going to be the best year ever!!

Happy New Year Everyone!